Latin Women, Art and Self-Awareness

For generations Latin women were raised to focus on pleasing your future husband.  They were taught how to dress and even how to behave. And while attempting to please  the man, little room was left for latin women to know themselves, their desires and their  goals; which eventually led to innumerable failures at love and […]

What it Takes to Be a Cool Latina

In every Latin community from LA to Argentina, there is always one Latina in a group, or school, or class, who is the “coolest” when she talks about spending time with men.  It seems that this particular Latina always seems to be rewarded by being called “cool” by the men. Some women have this quality […]

How to use your intuition

IT happens.  Lost phones, forgotten chargers, missing text messages, these are all part of our world now. Everybody seems to be willing to accept these as “ the new normal” .  Phones left in Ubers, chargers left in Airbnbs, text messages never sent because you were outside of your carrier’s mysterious zone. Missing emails… These […]

The Power of Mi Norte

What is Mi Norte? Mi Norte—which literally translates to My North—represents our inner compass we are meant to follow. Mi Norte is our goal we strive to achieve. It is our intuition, our guide, our direction, our everything.   Bringing Your Mi Norte to Your Daily Life  Start by making Mi Norte photos of the things […]

Getting to Know Vanessa Q. Martin, Dating Mentor

Wise. Expert. Real  Vanessa Q. Martin is synonymous with these three powerful words…and for good reason.  As a respected Dating Mentor, Vanessa offers guidance in recognizing the cyclical nature of common relationship roadblocks. You know the ones—those pesky situations that all-too-often stunt the growth of finding the right partner and keeping them.  Vanessa’s strength is […]