The Power of Mi Norte

What is Mi Norte?

Mi Norte—which literally translates to My North—represents our inner compass we are meant to follow. Mi Norte is our goal we strive to achieve. It is our intuition, our guide, our direction, our everything.  

Bringing Your Mi Norte to Your Daily Life 

Start by making Mi Norte photos of the things you want to be, to do, to have, to experience in your life. Where do you go to feel happy? Take a Mi Norte tattoo selfie! 

Where do you have beautiful memories? Take a photo and include the words Mi Norte, in a creative way…try writing on paper or writing in the sand. 

Make a collage with magazine photos or use Google photos. Choose photos of people, places, events, things, and ideas—adding the words or symbols of your Mi Norte. Mi Norte can be spelled out in a beautiful script, or just use the arrow symbol and the letter N. 

Now, edit your work. Which ones are the coolest, the most like your ideals or the sexiest? 

The photo can be a symbol of an emotion or it can be a physical thing. Be creative, try to take a selfie no one has taken before. 

Choose the best Mi Norte tattoo selfies and photos that resonate strongest with you.

By narrowing down the images, you can point out what you really want now, where you are right now, and where you want to be. The tattoo is your reminder to trust yourself and follow your intuition. 

Now, Share on Instagram with #MiNorte, #MiNorteselfie, #MiNortefotos. INSTAGRAM LINK 

The more you practice this, making photos about your Mi Norte and posting them, the easier it will be to be clear about your goals—your Mi Norte—and how to achieve them. 

Keeping yourself focused on your Mi Norte will help you bring these things to fruition. 

You will reach your destination, to be the best version of you, fulfill your destiny, and discover…how to catch a man and keep him.

How you can use Mi Norte to express yourself. Get a Mi Norte tattoo. 

Social media enables you to show the world who you are, where you are, and what you want. Check out the Instagram page for ideas on how to make a selfie of your Mi Norte tattoo. Your tattoo can be permanent or temporary, inked anywhere on your body you want to show. Be creative, have fun, show a story of where you are and who you are. 

By sharing and posting your Mi Norte tattoo selfie photos on Instagram, for example, the easier it will be to be clear about your goal—and reaching your destination: A smart Latina who has a strong, committed relationship with a good man. 

Keep yourself focused on your Mi Norte, and it keeps you on the right path for your life.